The 2011 Festival of Trees

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This year once again I decided to decorate a tree for the local festival of trees. I chose to do a chocolate themed tree which I called “Cocoa Christmas” which featured edible chocolates including Godiva chocolate bars, Godiva chocolate covered strawberries, Toblerone chocolates and Lindt chocolate balls. It was difficult to not eat my ornaments but I managed. Here is my tree at the festival.

And here are some of the other trees.

First off “Hark the Bark” a dog themed tree. One of my favourites.

Another favorite “Diamond in the Ruff”. I just love dog and cat themed trees : ).

A very pretty tree that I like “Vintage Chic Boutique”.

More trees from the festival

I love Christmas and it’s always fun to into the spirit decorating at the Festival of trees. How do you get into the Christmas spirit?

2010 Festival of Trees

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This year I decided once again to decorate a tree for the local Festival of Tree’s. The Festival of Tree’s supports student awards in the form of scholarships, and bursaries at the university I attended (Vancouver Island University).  The theme this year was “A West Coast Christmas”. I decided to make a nautical tree which I called “A Sailor’s Christmas”, for the festival.

Here is my tree.

(The distant view of my bright blue and white themed tree)

My tree with it’s neighbor “A Teddy Bear’s Christmas”.

Here are some of the other beautiful and unique trees from the festival.

This was my favorite tree. It was a tree about succeeding with disabilities.  It is unique and beautiful on so many levels. Here are a few of it’s many decorations.

Another one of my favorites a pretty nautical tree!

Festival of Trees 2008

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This year I decorated a tree for the Vancouver Island University (VIU) Festival of Trees. The festival raises money for the local university (VIU) which I attended. Here are some images from decorating day. Enjoy.

Below: My tree (far left: A Paws Christmas), with it’s neighbors, Candyland, and A Clown’s Christmas

Other trees from the festival, and some of their unique decorations (Below).