A Colorful Evening

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This evening I went out and took a few photos of some festive lights. I used my Canon Power Shot A720 IS on AV mode with the Flash turned down a little.

Fall in Nanaimo

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The weather on Vancouver Island, is cool, crisp, and sunny. The trees are various shades of red, brown, and gold. Here is a little taste of what I see when I go outside these days. Enjoy.

Butchart Gardens Fall 2008

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A week or so ago I went to the Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC with a friend. I had not been there in about 12 years and it was summer time then, so this was a new experience for me. It was even more beautiful then I remembered it. The many colors of the trees makes the garden even more enchanting. I thoroughly enjoyed the garden, and hope to check it out in the spring. Here are a few photos from that day.

The sunken garden.

Some of the many arbors and archways (perhaps for weddings)..

The lovely fountains

The colors of fall