Merry Christmas to Me

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I hope everyone in the blog-sphere had a lovely Christmas. I had a wonderful one myself.

There was tons of snow on the ground, and it was sunny. However despite the sun, it lightly snowed on and off though out the day.

I had a quite Christmas at home with my parents (and dog). My brother and sister-in law stopped by for a short visit in the afternoon. They dropped off gifts for us. This is what they gave me. It is stylish.

Since it was a beautiful day and the roads were good, I decided to do some picture taking. I went to one of my favorite parks: Piper’s Lagoon, and took a few photos. There was very little snow there compared to where I live.

Here are a few photos I took.


For Christmas I received a few very lovely gifts. The first one is my favorite. My boyfriend gave me a huge selection of chocolate from The Chocolate Trading Company. Here is a link to their website if you are interested:

I am head over heals in love with this chocolate. I have yet to try some of the varieties but from what I have tried, the Booja-Booja organic truffles are my favorite by far. Each time I eat one of these I am taken to another place. It is pure delight. It is a sensual experience like none other. This is one chocolate that is a must try for all chocoholics.

Below are some picture of my chocolates. Stayed turned for more up close profiles of each chocolate variety.

Christmas at our House

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It’s Christmas Season, again, and the tree is up, and the stockings are hung with care. Here are some festive photos from our house. Enjoy.

Below our tree in the dark, with it’s fancy new LED lights. We will see if they really do save energy and money..

Here are some of the trees many decorations. First off, a Christmas tree decoration my brother made back in elementary school.

Next my favourite Pasta angel. She came to us from a craft fair, many years ago.

Below, is my pretzel decoration. I made this back in elementary school. When I brought it home my brother took a bite out of it (really), we kept it for the memories.

Below a Christmas Caroler. I’m not sure where she came from. We have had her as long as I can remember.

Another favourite of mine, with unknown orgin, a snowman!

The cutest racoons, bought in a store many years ago.

A colorful cookie dough ornament that I made, when I was a wee little girl. I’m not sure how he lost his leg…

Below, a beautiful Christmas bell. I sold these back in my gymnast days as a fundraiser.

Below: an angel I made when I was in kindergarden.

Below: one of our garlands

Below some lovely Christmas balls.

Other photos from around the house (below).


Christmas baking should be starting soon. Stay tuned for updates. : )

A Colorful Evening

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This evening I went out and took a few photos of some festive lights. I used my Canon Power Shot A720 IS on AV mode with the Flash turned down a little.

Festival of Trees 2008

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This year I decorated a tree for the Vancouver Island University (VIU) Festival of Trees. The festival raises money for the local university (VIU) which I attended. Here are some images from decorating day. Enjoy.

Below: My tree (far left: A Paws Christmas), with it’s neighbors, Candyland, and A Clown’s Christmas

Other trees from the festival, and some of their unique decorations (Below).

A Paws Christmas Tree

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To get in the spirit of Christmas this year, I decided to decorate a Christmas tree for the local Festival of Trees. This is an event that raises money for the local university (which I attended for a few years). I named my tree “A Paws Christmas”. It had a predominately cat and dog theme to it. I bought a lot of the decorations, as well as buying things to make some of the decorations myself. The tree is a 6 foot tall slim tree. All of the lights are those new age energy saving LED lights.

Here are some images of my tree and it’s decorations.

A collector Hallmark ornament (above)

The tree topper (below)