Michelina’s Harmony Shrimp Scampi Review

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This afternoon, I wasn’t in the mood for leftovers for lunch. I decided to have one of my frozen meals. I chose my Michelina’s Harmony Shrimp Scampi.

The package describes this entrée as “pasta in a light wine sauce with shrimp, tomatoes and carrots”.

I bought this frozen meal because I liked that it had shrimp in it. I have a new found love for shrimp and prawns. Price wise it seemed reasonable at $2.99, so I was sold on that.

Here are my thoughts on this pasta.

The directions on the package state to microwave the shrimp scampi for 3 minutes. That was exactly what I did, and it was way too long! I ended up dropping the package (and catching it luckily) because it was too hot. I think 2 minutes would have been a much more appropriate cooking time.

I was amazed at how little food was in the box. I don’t expect frozen meals to be that big, but this was the smallest amount of food for the size of the box that I have ever seen! What I found interesting was that there was a seemly huge amount of sauce for the very small amount of noodles. That is one thing Michelina’s could improve on. Add more pasta please! There was about 6 or 7 pieces of shrimp in the box which wasn’t much but I didn’t expect much as far was that goes. There was quite a bit of carrot (compared to everything else) and almost no tomato in this meal.


Taste wise it tasted very good. I would give it top marks for frozen meal taste.

Health wise the shrimp scampi didn’t fare well in my books. There are 280 calories in the whole package (which would be okay if the package actually filled you reasonably). There is 6 g of fat in this meal. That sounds great, but the 40 mg of cholesterol and 590 mg of sodium (eik, scary) don’t. The health pluses include 11 g of protein, and 15% of your daily intake of iron, and vitamin A.

I enjoyed the taste and texture of the shrimp scampi greatly, but everything else about it didn’t impress me. I won’t be buying this frozen meal again.


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