Our First Cheese Slicer

Filed Under (Kitchen Tools) by Lisa on 05-04-2009

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This afternoon while I was eating lunch I commented to my mom that I can never cut my cheese slices very thin. This was in relation to the grilled cheese sandwiches which I had made myself (my style which are featured in this post http://www.lisaopolis.com/?p=228 for lunch. I had said to my mom that “the cheese never melts fast enough for me because my slices are so thick“). She said that a cheese slicer would make them thinner. I had never heard of a cheese slicer before. I have had those nice thinly sliced cheeses from the deli section a few times. However I had always thought that a large industrial sized slicer sliced those (since I had used those several years ago when I worked in a café and sliced cheeses).

After lunch my mom and I went grocery shopping. She decided we should look for a slicer, so we did. We found them located in the section with the cheese graters. We picked the cheapest one since they all looked pretty much the same.

Here is the one we purchased:

cheese slicer

When we got home I decided to test the slicer and see how it measures up to my normal cheese slices.

Below is my normal cheese slice (with a knife).

cheese thick

Here is a slice with the cheese slicer.

thin cheese slicer cheese

 The difference is not visualized that well in the photos but in reality there is quite a difference. My slices made with a knife are much thicker and not very uniform. The cheese slices I made with the slicer are thin and uniform!

I have to say I love this kitchen tool. I will be using it often!