Banana Cobbler

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A few days ago I was browsing food blogs looking for a recipe for a new way to make bananas into a fun and exciting dessert. I came across a recipe that looked very appealing on bakeorbreak’s blog for banana bread cobbler.

My mom made Easter dinner this year, so I decided to make the dessert. The banana bread cobbler was the perfect choice for dessert.

I loved the simplicity of this recipe. I did change the recipe slightly to suit my own tastes. I used 1 cup of flour in the topping instead of ½ cup. In the filling I used 1 ½ cups flour instead of 1 cup and reduced the sugar to ½ cup instead of 1 cup. I also only used 3 bananas instead of 4.

My banana cobbler can only be described as heavenly. It was incredible. It was a major household hit, and I will defiantly be making it again. I had my cobbler plain instead of with vanilla frozen yogurt. I’m sure it would have been good with frozen yogurt, but it was such an amazing dessert that I thought the frozen yogurt would actually take away from it’s greatness.

Thanks bakeorbreak for sharing this wonderful recipe from Southern Living.


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