Almond Thimble Cookies

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A few days ago I was browsing though one of our cookie recipe books (Magnificent Cookies by Kathryn L. Ramsay). I came across a recipe that struck my interest. It was for almond thimble cookies. I was interested in this recipe, for two reasons. First it was a jam cookie and I had never made any type of jam cookie before. Second this recipe called for almond extract. For years I use to think I was allergic to almond extract because of a reaction I had to something that may have been almond extract many years ago. I had since consumed pastries that did have almond extract in it, with no apparent reaction, so I figured it was safe to give baking with it a try.

I followed this recipe to the book.

The cookies tasted very yummy, but there were some issues with them. I suspected there would be problems with them once they were in the dough stage right before baking. The dough was way too crumbly. It stuck together (just barely), enough to roll the cookies into balls. However when I tried to use to thimble on them (as instructed) the cookies really crumbled when pressed. Consequently I ended up pressing the cookies lightly with my fingers instead, but that didn’t create enough of an indent to insert the jam properly after baking. I think using more egg and maybe more margarine too would solve this issue.

I’m not going to post the recipe yet, because this recipe does need some modifying. I will make this recipe again one day, since I love the taste, I just need to work on the texture.

Here is a photo.
Note the cookies should be twice as flat but because of the crumbliness I was not able to flatten them more



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