About My Blog

Lisaopolis is a site dedicated to documenting my journey to live and healthy and balanced life. My adventures in and around the kitchen, and thoughts on food and nutrition, both make frequent appearances here.

Here is my journey to find balance between my crazy shifts at the hospital, eating right, getting enough exercise and sleep to stay healthy and happy.

About Me

My name is Lisa. I am a twenty-something blogger from Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia.

I am a nurse and I love my job. I started blogging after graduating from nursing school and having so much extra time on my hands.


I love food! I am not sure if I love eating it or preparing it more. I am a baker! I get great satisfaction out of kneading bread dough and watching it transform into a loaf of bread. I like cooking too, but it doesn’t quite compare to the satisfaction of baking. I have no formal training in cooking or baking, but I am constantly trying to improve my culinary techniques, and expand my palate.

Aside from blogging in my spare time, I love spending time with my boyfriend Tyler and my blind dog Sasha.

Photography is another one of my passions! I am a photo taking addict. In the past year I have started selling some of my photos on texture vault.

Here are some random facts about me

* I LOVE pizza with a passion. I do think pizza has a bad rep for being super unhealthy, and I have done a few posts on this

* I  love chocolate and believe it should be apart of all healthy diets

* I was a gymnast for 6.5 years of my younger life, and have aspired to go back to the gym  many times since quitting

* I have a major sweet tooth which has frequently interfered with some of my weight loss attempts over the years

* My favorite fruits are watermelon, strawberries, and cantaloupe

* I have been dating my boyfriend Tyler for 5+ years, and no we don’t live together yet. For some reason most people I encounter think that is strange. I think it’s just fine. There shouldn’t be time lines for anything in life.

* I am a huge fan of Booster Juice smoothies

* My favorite beverage is water

* I  don’t drink coffee (for health reasons) but I once did and I miss it dearly

* I do drink tea every day

* I studied nursing, psychology and anthropology in university, after 5 years I ended up graduating from the practical nursing program at my university. It was not my original plan to become and LPN  (licensed practical  nurse), but life never goes as planned

* I love Photoshop even though I’m still a newbie at it

* I love pasta almost as much as pizza

* I would love to run a half marathon one day, but I know I’m not there yet with my fitness

I enjoy receiving comments on my blog, and e-mails, so feel free to send me an e-mail at lisa@lisaopolis.com