A Simple Meal Idea

Filed Under (Cooking) by Lisa on 07-09-2008

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Yesterday afternoon, I was in the mood for a simple, and easy to make dinner. I decided to make some chicken with honey garlic bbq sauce (baked), baked potatoes, green salad, and my favorite spinach and artichoke dip.

The preparation time for this meal was minimal. The chicken took about 2 minutes to prepare. The baked potatoes needed about 6 minutes of prep time. This time included scrubbing (washing) the potatoes, cutting each one in half and warping them in aluminum foil. The green salad took about 12 minutes to prepare (only because I used home grown lettuce and it needs a few good washes before it can be made into salad).

The dip took about 8 minutes of preparation time.

The meal required little effort and was quick (once in the oven). The baking time for the chicken and the potatoes was an hour.

It was a simple and easy dinner that was enjoyed by all.

Here are a few photos.

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