30 Random Acts of Kindness

Filed Under (Personal) by Lisa on 27-12-2013

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This has been a whirl wind year for me. From having some serious health issues to buying a home with my boyfriend and moving out for the first time 2013 has been full of huge life changes. Thankfully things are settling down for me now.

This year I turned the big 29! I sure don’t feel 29. I decided before I turn 30 I would do 30 random acts of kindness after my 29th birthday to journey into my 30’s in a positive way. (thanks to pinterest for this wonderful inspiration).

Here I can chronicle my random acts of kindness.

1. I started off with snow shoveling ¾ of our new subdivision when we had our first major snow fall. I started with just shoveling our driveway, and then together with a lovely neighbor the two of us cleared all the sidewalks, most of the roads, and many drive way entrances. (yes I was partly doing it so I could get to work easier but it was also above and beyond what I needed to do to get to work). I received many thank yous and one neighbor was so grateful they even later dropped off treats to my home.

2. Giving Gifts to Strangers

This Christmas I decided to give two of our new neighbors whom I had never met Christmas gifts, just because. They were very pleasantly surprised. That made me happy.

I have 28 more random acts of kindness to do before I turn 30, but I’m certain I’ll have many more opportunities to do helpful random kind things for strangers this year. I look forward to it!