Bacon and Eggs

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A couple days ago I was in the mood for a yummy breakfast. I decided to make some bacon and eggs. I used European style bacon from a local deli. I think overall, it tasted almost the same as when I make bacon and eggs with packaged bacon from the meat section of a food store. The only slightly noticeable difference was that the bacon tasted slightly more “smokey”. I must say I did enjoy the breakfast greatly.

To make this breakfast I first fried the bacon in a medium sized cast iron frying pan. I drained the fat once from the pan and then continued to fry the bacon to make it more crispy. After I was satisfied with the crispyness of the bacon I scooped the bacon out of the pan and placed it on a plate with a couple paper towels under it to absorb the excess grease. I then proceeded to fry my eggs in the same pan. I didn’t use any extra oil and no cooking spray. I fried my eggs until they were lightly brown but still had a liquid yolk. Then I removed them from the pan and placed them on my plate. I made some multigrain toast had that with my bacon and eggs. Here is an image of my breakfast.


When I am frying things I find my most useful tool to be something that many people may not find in their kitchen: goggles. I don’t wear glasses and have been told (several years ago that I have perfect vision). I want to keep it that way. That is why I think “safety first” when in the kitchen. In my opinion frying food with no eye protection is one of the most dangerous activities that takes place in the kitchen. When I was much younger before I ever had my goggles I was always afraid of frying things because many times as a child I was sprayed by grease on my arms when wearing t-shirts and cooking. Now when I am using a frying pan I always wear goggles and oven mits. I might not be the most fashionable but at least it’s safe.  See below for an image of my goggles.


Banana Marble Cake

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 Last night I was in the mood to bake, so I decided to make a cake. Since we had some bananas in the house that were getting over ripe I thought it was time to use them up.
I decided to use one of my favourite recipes and change it to fit my desire to use up the bananas.  The origional recipe can be found in Oetker German Home Baking on page 15 it is titled Marbled Cake.

 Here is my new and madeover version

 Banana Marble Cake

 9 oz (250 g) butter or margerine
 9 oz (250 g) white sugar
 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
 3 teaspoons of imitation rum extract (or real rum)
 4 med-large eggs
 500 g of plain white flour
 3 teaspoons of baking powder
 1 cup of milk
 3 medium-large bananas
 3 level tbsp coco

 In a blender place the banana (in pieces), eggs, rum, vanilla, milk, margerine, and sugar. Blend until smoothe. In a bowl mix together the flour and baking powder.
 Add the liquid mixture (from the blender) to the bowl. Mix until well blended together. Place in a round cake pan, and bake at 350F until a tooth pick comes out clean when
 poked in the cake. Enjoy.